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I’m Brit - Saskatchewan native, former grey area drinker, and creator of Sober Flatlander.

Sober Flatlander came to fruition shortly after beginning my journey with sobriety in March of 2021. When I gave up alcohol, I felt proud of myself for overcoming alcohol and gaining control over my life. However, it felt strange and shameful to openly admit to others that I was sober, because it also meant admitting that I couldn’t control my intake very well. After a bit of self-reflection, I found that I had struggled to give up alcohol sooner because I was afraid of being judged.

As I built a support system for myself, I began talking to other individuals who struggled with alcohol and felt similar anxiety and shame over being openly sober.

I wondered how many people never ended up getting help due to these feelings of shame.

I began wondering why sobriety has remained such a taboo subject, while drinking alcohol remains universally accepted as ‘normal’.

I wanted to see things change, so I began by letting others know a bit about my journey to sobriety.

I created this space as an outlet to support myself and others who are sober, considering sobriety, or supporting someone else who is sober.  

My hope is that by bringing light to substance use in its many forms and varying degrees, we can open up the discussion on sobriety, what it means to be sober, and put an end to the harmful stigmas surrounding addiction in our society.

Thank you for being here!

Brit, Sober Flatlander

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