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The Most Gratifying Parts of Sobriety According to Women

Since ditching alcohol, I've found support in a variety of ways - including online. I've found some amazing groups of sober gals who are supportive and trustworthy. Through them, I decided to compile a list of what we feel are the most beneficial things to have come from sobriety.

I'll preface this by saying that I received well over 75 replies, but for the sake of avoiding redundancy, I've narrowed it down a bit. I will let you know, though, that a lot of ladies listed being present (especially for their kids) as their number one, and I also heard from quite a few who 'have grown to enjoy the mornings', haha!

I hope you enjoy reading through this thorough (albeit incomplete) list of the most gratifying parts of sobriety...

Today, I'm 160 days sober.


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