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The #soberbabes of Instagram

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

It’s been a minute since my last entry, but believe you me, I’ve been looking forward to this post!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent time connecting with ladies over Instagram, asking if they’d be willing to share a bit of their story.

The fact of the matter is that sobriety is often misconstrued, and therefore we need to work on changing the stigmas that are deeply attached to the portrayal of ‘alcoholism’ and ‘sobriety’.

I think most people picture a homeless person in the gutter drinking out of paper bag when they hear the term ‘alcoholic’ or ‘drug addict’. 🤷

And often, the first image that comes to mind when we hear the term ‘sobriety’ is either someone who is deeply religious, or a bunch of folks sitting in a circle at an AA meeting. There’s nothing wrong with being religious or attending AA, but it certainly doesn’t apply to everyone in recovery.

The reality is that people from all walks of life struggle with addiction. Addiction doesn’t discriminate, and many live seemingly ‘perfect’ lives when all the while, they’re drowning in silence.

And if you’re sober curious and do happen to find yourself getting past the initial stigmas, it can be daunting when you realize that sobriety can be quite alienating.

It’s so important to have support and to know that you’re not alone in your recovery. Thankfully, Instagram has evolved into a platform for not only motivating others in sobriety, but also connecting with real people who share the same struggles and experiences.

Healthy living has always been a hot topic among women, but in the past few years especially, the wellness movement has received overwhelming awareness, and an alcohol-free lifestyle is slowly becoming an integral part of that.

It's confirmed - ‘quitting drinking’ is the new ‘quitting smoking’, and these ladies are leading the way!

Today, I'm 191 days sober.

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